Anti-Bullying Course for Elementary Schools

MaryAnn Milton Butterfield



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      My Great-Grandmother, Sarah DeWolfe Webster Milton was a columnist for the Boston Globe and other Boston papers in the mid-1800s.  I know of one small book she published, and am fortunate to have the printer's mock-up of Inspirations, though not a copy of the book.  My father also gave me a large scrapbook containing  many of her published columns.  Her love of writing passed to my father, who encouraged me.  I attempt to honor them both by using my maiden name on all that I write.

     After living in many places and overseas, my husband Bob (a thirty-year career USAF officer) and I decided to make our permanent home in Manhattan Beach, California, where we resided for seventeen years; however, in 2010 we moved back to Virginia, a state we love and where four grandchildren are living.

     I have always enjoyed writing, and in additon to being the editor of two small magazines, have written numerous non-fiction articles for newspaper publication; however, twelve years ago I began writing fiction....and it has become passion! 

 At present, I am working toward publishing several fiction pieces, and am researching and working on a biography of an American hero.  Look for an excerpt under "Writing in Progress."