Anti-Bullying Program in re-write; Code of Conduct Course for Elementary Schools in development.

MaryAnn Milton Butterfield



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      My Great-Grandmother, Sarah DeWolfe Webster Milton was a columnist for the Chelsea Gazette, Boston Globe and other Boston papers in the mid to late-1800s.  I know of two small books she published, and am fortunate to have the printer's mock-up of Inspirations, though not a copy of either book.  My father also gave me a large scrapbook containing  many of her published columns.  Her love of writing passed to my father, who encouraged me.  I attempt to honor them both by using my maiden name "Milton" on all that I write.

     After living in many places and overseas, my husband Bob (a thirty-year career USAF officer) and I decided to make our permanent home in Manhattan Beach, California, where we resided for seventeen years; however, in 2010 we moved back to Virginia, a state we love, and where four grandchildren are living.

     I have always enjoyed writing, and in addition to being the editor of two small magazines, have written numerous non-fiction articles for newspaper publication; however, fifteen years ago I began writing fiction....and it has become passion! 

 At present, I am working toward publishing several pieces of fiction. Unfortunately, my research and work on a biography of an American hero has hit many roadblocks.  An excerpt is posted under "Writing in Progress." 


Alas, my biography of Dayton Ragland has floundered due to the difficulty in researching his past family life; however, I hope to revisit the project sometime in the future.

In the meantime, I've kept my fingers nimble by writing short stories.  I am pleased to have won third place in the 2019 Edith Battles Non-Fiction Contest, and second place in the Betty Simmons Short Story Contest.