Anti-Bullying Program in re-write; Code of Conduct Course for Elementary Schools in development.

                You Are Too a Bully! AWARDED Prestigious BOR


“If you have rights...you have responsibilities.”


 Jan 6, 2014, by Responsibility

Author, MaryAnn Milton Butterfield, has been selected to receive

the Bill of Responsibilities Award for her recently published book,

 You Are Too a Bully!


The Bill of Responsibilities Award acknowledges people, products, programs and ideas that inspire us to take responsibility for creating a better world for ourselves,our families, our communities and our planet. Awards are given out on a case-by-case basis, and we are proud to turn visitors to this site on to this fine book.


Ms. Butterfield handles the very important subject of bullying in a creative, insightful, and entertaining manner. In addition to the compelling story, the book includes an Anti-Bullying Code of Conduct and a list of questions to help children and parents identify what is – and what is not – bullying.  Whether interested in this subject as a child, a parent, a teacher or school administrator, this book provides valuable tools that can be used immediately to bring bullying out in the open where it can be stopped.


“An Anti-Bullying Program must engage the students and parents, in addition to teachers and administrators,” Ms. Butterfield points out.  “Five-year-olds are expected to begin learning immediately in kindergarten, and today’s time constraints limit the emphasis teachers can put on much needed social skills. Without these basic tools, many children do not know how to deal with normal childhood aggression and may respond inappropriately, or they may become victims of bullying.”


In addition to her book, Ms. Butterfield provides FREE pdf downloadable material  for schools and organizations to create their own Anti-Bullying Program at:


 Born and raised in Greenfield, Massachusetts, Ms. Butterfield currently resides with her husband in Fredericksburg, Virginia, where she penned, You Are Too a Bully!